Sunday, April 9, 2017

About Town

Recent photos . . .

 Two guys metal-detecting where storage units will soon be built along Front Street 

 Plaques are back. Memorial plaques on River Park benches have been replaced. Some had been taken by thieves last year.

Thursday's heavy rains raised the water level to 4-1/2 feet above normal at River Park:

 Straw was recently added to the landscaping at the bridge plaza.

 A train took a rest on the tracks along Shawnee Run.

This tractor-trailer emblazoned with CHINA SHIPPING has been parked at the Columbia Shopping Center for the last few days. Wonder if Trump knows about this:

Some sort of work was being done on Saturday at the bridge across Route 30, on Malleable Road:

Smaller on the outside


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You always take great pictures

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