Saturday, March 4, 2017

UFO sighting in Columbia?

(Artist's rendition of a UFO)

A local resident reported seeing a UFO with pulsing and rotating lights over Route 30 in Columbia recently. The information was posted HERE in UFO World News. According to the publication, there have been other UFO sightings in Columbia.


Unknown said... bad. Sorry folks, but that wasn't a UFO. I'm gonna have to take credit for this one, or you can blame my cat. He's lost interest in his laser pointer, so instead of using it to entertain him I've been using it to screw with the drug addicts buying heroin in the parking lot of the Turkey Hill Experience lately.

It really blows their minds, but I didn't realize anyone else was watching.

Anonymous said...

You know what 911 is?

Anonymous said...

If it was a UFO, chances are if they hear of all the problems on this earth, they said we are out of here.

Anonymous said...

it's not a UFO, it's just the mayor and chief and all the strange council persons!