Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Clear your car of snow and ice before you drive: It's state law

State law requires that drivers remove ice and snow from windows, mirrors roofs, and all vehicle lights before driving. Also, headlights must be on when wipers are in operation.


Anonymous said...

I am amazed of how many people are too lazy to clean their vehicles off. If some snow would fly of another car and hit them, they would be first to complain.
Also, the 18 wheel trailers. should be nailed,too, for the ice and snow that flys off their trailers. Going down RT. 30 can be mess with the trucks.

Anonymous said...

There were two places downtown I saw not properly shoveled today -- the vacant building across from the boro hall and the Second Street boro hall. Will they be cite?

Anonymous said...

Doubt it.