Tuesday, March 21, 2017

About Town

 So, does that mean America has gone to the dogs? In the current climate, one could make that argument.

There's another one of those C-130s.

 Little libraries have been popping up around town. That's a good thing.


 State Police on the hunt

 Covered by LASA

 Word to the wise - Don't trespass!

 One could also run or bike.

 No it's not a barrier on Locust Street, it's another huge truck coming through town. So that bypass was built . . . why?

 There it goes!

 How much is that . . . well, you know.

 That's right - we bad!

 The woods are on fire! Not really, just a winter sunset.

 New bike rack at Columbia Crossing. Thanks, Lancaster Bicycle Club!

 Roller ready to roll

 Kingfisher at River Park

 He was looking for minnows.

 Sez who?

 There it is - a replacement bench for the one damaged during tree cutting last year.

 Theocracies are never a good idea.

 Here's another little library.

 Sometimes a doorway is just a storage space.

 Don't you hate when you open the door and find a pile of bricks?

 Pole dance

Work done, time to rest


Anonymous said...

Cole, what ever happened to that $76,000 study the taxpayers shelled out for regarding the sewer plant? The study should have focused on how many trucks are still coming through town.

Anonymous said...

here's the deal. a need to heavily advertise. Boro SHOULD have paid for a huge bill board at the site of ;the truck route, informing truck drivers of it. if no one updates their GPS....NO ONE knows it exists.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea! That couldn't have cost much in the scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

Cole you're showing your liberalism in your headlines. I'm all about freedom of speech my friend, but you should limit your opinion to the​ comment section. Just saying...
If you want to run a news site, you should be nutral when presenting.

Anonymous said...

So you are saying Cole should be like the PBS (which Trump is de-funding)? Because there is not one neutral news outlet in either print or television in America today.

Anonymous said...

Hello snowflake.

Anonymous said...

I am confused by the PBS comment. PBS is without argument the most liberal news outlet maybe with the exception of MSNBC. Why can't we have news outlets simply report without opinion...and that goes both ways, i.e. Foxnews. I miss the old days!

Anonymous said...

It is up to Penn Dot to change the signage on 441 and they are unwilling to do it. There is no way to completely remove truck traffic from that section of "old" 441. Even updating GPS at this point will not fix the problem until Penn Dot updates it. The Mayor just talked about this at one of his meetings. Can't remember all the details but Penn Dot is the problem.

Unknown said...

Great pictures Columbia Spy! Thank you for sharing.

Joe Lintner said...

You're welcome.