Sunday, February 12, 2017

Susquehanna Blue Smoke says goodbye - but not totally

Ron and Sue Worby of Susquehanna Blue Smoke Barbeque

To Our Customers, Supporters, Family and Friends:

It is with a heavy heart that after almost 3 years of great food, wonderful people, fun times, hard work, ups and downs. The owners of Susquehanna Blue Smoke Barbeque, LLC. We, (Ron and Sue) have decided it’s time to move on to life’s next adventure. This has been a very difficult and emotional decision and we are so sad to say goodbye for now, but with a drastic decline in customer activity, the decline in community support, the demands of our full–time employment, family needs, cancellation of revenue driving events in town that had been cancelled due to weather, and was part of the operating business plan that for years has floated the business and many other business through the tough times of winter has put us in a financial quandary and has us take a mind set to get back to basics, redevelop, re-gear, redirect, and start a new path for Susquehanna Blue Smoke Barbeque, its services and products.

Susquehanna Blue Smoke Barbeque at Columbia Market House has given so many a place to feel at home. It was the site of Market Day!, Special Events, Sunday brunch with friends, and many other completely routine and sometimes totally extraordinary moments. Susquehanna Blue Smoke Barbeque tried to be the friend you knew would be there when you needed them, was comforting, and was a welcoming & smiling face. Susquehanna Blue Smoke Barbeque was home at Market and we love to feed ya!

SBS BBQ is greater than the sum of its parts. To make a list of the regular customers would be a book of immense size. Thank you to ALL of our customers. We loved taking care of you, and thank you for taking care of us too. The spirit of SBS BBQ is something we all can keep alive by maintaining the connections of the people we met and grew to love while at Market. There are no words that clearly express the love and gratitude we feel for our family and friends that worked so hard to keep the vision alive. Restaurant work is not easy. It takes commitment, thick skin, and a really good sense of humor. It is so rare to find such a dedicated, hardworking, and friendly people anywhere. Friends became family, family became closer, and the family grew. We took care of each other. We are so grateful for the love and tremendous efforts. We wish everyone the best of luck in whatever path they choose in their future and look forward to lifelong friendships with you.

Deep gratitude and credit goes to Sue for seeing a vision and being that support, drive to push forward, and to being the test subject for many of the dishes that have come to be comfort food on the menu. The flavors you have helped create have made the taste buds dance and put a smile on the face of our customers from ear to ear!

Thank you Sue for the heart, body and soul you poured into SBS BBQ.

Columbia has something special – a warm and welcoming community, support for individuality, a comfortable place to nurture one's dreams, dedicated small business owners and a safe neighborhood for families to grow. It has truly been an honor to live and serve here. We sincerely hope the strong sense of community in Columbia continues and thrives forever.

Susquehanna’s last day will be Sunday, February 26th.
Please come see us over the next few weeks to get a last few Q meals, share stories, and say goodbye but so long.

Thank you for the wonderful years, Columbia. We will miss you tremendously. As they say, when one door closes, another opens. Stay tuned for what’s next!

We will continue to offer catering, taking orders for pick up and will be selling our products online as well as other locations and events.
Thank you once again for your support.

— Ron and Sue Worby, Owners


Anonymous said...

yet another perfect example of Market House NOT performing. Sorry to see SBS go! I have a suggestion: start all over. start with ONE whole day a week with opening time at 6 or 7am! that's what REAL markets do. bring in vendors with fresh local produce, meats, eggs, breads, etc. this Market can NOT continue on its current path. I'm not sure how the Borough can afford to fund it. With it being open 4 days a week for a few hours a day is a HUGE waste of energy-electric, gas or oil, salaries, etc. It needs to go back to years ago...with FRESH LOCAL PRODUCE, MEATS, ETC in order to survive and thrive. ALL this is just a HUGE waste of money. Close it. Revamp. Stop throwing good money after bad. I'm sure if you took a survey, many TAXPAYERS would feel the same.

Sharon said...

So sorry to see you leave. Your barbeque sundae is my favorite dish!! Thanks for all the good food,

Anonymous said...

I agree with the early start time 100%.
One day a week and make it a long day 6am-6pm. Open at 6 with a coffee and donut stand. Have a variety of entertainment throughout the day. Put some life back into the market house itself. Prop the doors open, weather permitting, and make it more welcoming.

Anonymous said...

The market was successful when it was one day. Stands were full.nice mixture of stands. Then some standholders had the idea of going to Saturday and Friday. In this area ,you have central markets in Lancaster and York on those days. That was the start of market decline. Some of the stands that wanted those days left anyhow and the ones that stayed lost their profits because of slow traffic and decided to leave.
Advertising was questionable. It was in the Merchandiser, but the trust relied on social media. Not everyone is tuned to social media.
Council must decide what direction it wants the market to take. Get the public input and get a game plan together. Market can be an asset,if planned and ran correctly.
My wife and I will miss Ron and Sue, along with past eateries, TJ's steaks and Columbia's own,Rap's World.

Anonymous said...

Another sad story for Columbia. for sticking it out as long as possible.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, this isn't 50 years ago, not Lancaster, not York. It's not a Market, Uptown people don't go, Low income only when payday. It's not the same when I was a kid and so many. It's a dead Horse. I was there and spent to much money there to stay there. Change it to tourist attraction, stop having people spending money on a Dead Horse.

Anonymous said...

What has Mrs Denlinger done about this? We are paying her for answers.

Anonymous said...

She has an office now (within the borough offices) and a salary, so she must be doing something.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that they are leaving but I am sure that there are some who are glad because soon there will not be any stands left in the market house then those people can do what they want to do you know who those people are such ashame for the market house all they needed was the right person to run the market and maybe by this time we would have a real market house so sad