Sunday, January 8, 2017

Draft Agenda - Borough Council Meeting January 9, 2017


  1. We can't afford this Council.
    Christmas lights when so many other things are wrong here!
    Downtown look just fine this year, even the young artists who devoted their time to the business's windows were awesome.
    Wake UP

  2. They are not smart enough to get private funding. A gift of $500 from twenty businesses could pay for them, which is tax deductible. Spend on the pretty things in life.

  3. i agree. STOP SPENDING MONEY LIKE ITS GOING OUT OF STYLE.....NO NO NO. No Christmas lights. Why don't yous figure out how to ENCOURAGE AND SUPPORT existing local businesses! give them free parking AT LEAST 4TH FRIDAYS. DUH

  4. Heres the deal. This is WHAT taxpaying HOMEOWNERS want. Stop the nonsense. Create a tax discount for 5 yrs on ALL rental props turn them back into single family homes again. We have MORE than 800 RENTAL PROPERTIES in this small boro. Some of them have 10, 20 units.....THIS IS WHAT IS DESTROYING THIS TOWN. All code enforcement should concentrate on first and foremost is ALL THE RUNDOWN, UNKEPT, TRASH LADEN, DOG WASTE FILLED YARDS, and the tenants who DON"T care about the properties they rent. Also, about the hundreds of rentals that have constant police issues-punks hanging out, bunch of loud, ignorant, insensitive people hanging at a ton of properties every day causing a ruckus, dealing drugs, kids disrespecting and destroying HOMEOWNER property. The code dept has been broke for many years. Stop. It has to end. NO MORE GOOD OLE BOYS. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander! can't you find a way to stop entities from buying single family owned homes and turning them into rentals????? Spend the money to make THAT LEGAL. The downtown is turning around slowly, thanks to a handful of local businesses that have our best interests at heart!!!! Bro, COuncil do something. now.

    1. The ones with 10 or more unites are land lords with alot of money! Mostly section 8 unites! The code for 1 unite is to have 1 and half parking! Now where the hell is that at!! This town needs to go bankrupt!!!!

  5. Just courious, does anyone besides the mayor, boro. manager, and mr. kelly murphy, know about all the money being spent in the boro. office(s) and basement???? Good money. Thought if there was a certain amount being spent, it had to be bid on for the so called necessary job(s)? DOESN'T that happen anymore? why does the mayor need a office? his time is soon up and he should just get out, while the gittin is good! Heard the police office is being shut down for foot travel. Now how is that going to work in this town? Someone needs to check on these things before all the so called grant monies are gone with so much to be done for the good of the town! Why do we need five or six code officers, no one seems to be doing anything about problems in the homes/town!

  6. you are right we can NOT afford this council. they spend money quicker than the government makes it. guess what? we can't afford it and we DON"T need it, besides, there are more important things to spend money on. like fixing the streets. fixing the code dept., hire 2 or 3 part time dispatchers so there is ALWAYS one on duty. the boro has MORE domestic and 911 calls than ANY and ALL other towns, boroughs, townships, etc. in the County!!!

    I can NOT figure out what this council is thinking? i guess they don't have to live within a budget! More offices at borough hall??? WHO are they for??? Rumor has it "A SUB CONTRACTOR". Are you serious? Are you for real? It's NOT hard to see that with the recent addition of hiring 4 or 5 CODE officers that Your employees are packed in like sardines...stop in and look through the window, see for yourself like I did! and this is what you choose to do with that space???? Someone needs their head examined. COUNCIL-WHAT are you thinking to approve this? WHY would you approve this? HOW MUCH DID THIS IRRESPONSIBLE PROJECT COST US FINE TAXPAYERS??? You really should be ashamed of the blatant wasteful spending. It's outrageous! As a WORKING TAXPAYING HOMEOWNER I am outraged at the lack of respect for us homeowners (WHO BY THE WAY CARRY THIS BORO) and for councils negligance for allowing such wasteful, blatant, unneccesary spending.
    COUNCIL..Do you have ANY idea how many in this town are on disability, social security, assistance, food stamps, welfare, etc? This is a poverty stricken town and you, Council see fit to approve to spend $15,000.00 on freakin snowflakes????? Oh and last month it was $35,000.00 for a trolley and that doesn't include insurance liability maintenance and upkeep...but hey thats ok, it will run for a couple hours a few times a week over the summer....and guess what? It'll only cost us taxpayers more money!