Monday, January 23, 2017

Borough meetings this week


  1. Nothing to do with meetings, saw a "project financed by Union Community Bank" at the bottom of Union St.(Union and Front.) Was anything ever brought before zoning or planning? It is good to see the land being developed?

  2. What's being financed is the question?

    1. Last we heard, two local "entrepreneurs" are planning to put in storage units.

  3. Oh Yeah!! That land is Historic!

  4. Now you all know that it will have to do with the good old boys club, and no one will get to know what is really going there until all the money and grants that they can get, will be spent on all the 'wonderful' things the spend thrifts can spend. when the taxpayers start to have to pay to foot the bill(s), then it will be too late and someone will be getting rich off the poor persons in this town. Don't forget, the wonderful council meeting is coming up with the wonderful council persons and our great mayor... we should all attend and ask the important questions, like how log is the boros money gonna hold up...