Saturday, December 10, 2016

Leaves leave the park - with a little help

Many, many leaves left Locust Street Park this morning, thanks to the efforts of the Columbia Park Rangers, the National Honor Society, the Lions Club, The Sunsnappers, the Boy Scouts, and Columbia Borough workers. Loads of leaves were raked into piles and then hauled on tarps to curbside, where they were picked up by a borough leaf collection vehicle.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work.


Unknown said...

The CHS and CMS Student Councils were also there...about 40 kids in total! It was a great,albeit cold,day! Thank You for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Good work from the CHS National Honor Society and everyone else.

Lisa said...

Thank you for hauling away our leaves! Sam and I barely hadthem piled before the kids arrived with their tarps. A great job by all!