Monday, December 19, 2016

Criminal mischief, thefts in town

The Columbia Borough Police Department is handling a large number of criminal mischief and theft cases that occurred sometime between Sunday 12-18-16 and Monday 12-19-16. It is believed that all the events occurred during the overnight hours. A large number of vehicle mirrors have been removed from vehicles anywhere from the intersection of 4th St. and Walnut St. to 2nd St. and Mill St. areas. There was also damage done to a soda machine and to a building as well. With the large number of calls being received we are behind in getting to some of you. If you haven't received a message or heard from an officer in over 2 hours please call into the police station.

If you had damage or something missing from your vehicle or property, you are encouraged to report it to the police if not already done so. We are asking residents in the areas affected to check their home surveillance systems if you have one to see if anyone can be seen that may have done this. If you have information on who may have done this you are asked to call the police station at 717-684-7735 or submit a tip below.

Thanks and have a safe holiday season!

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Anonymous said...

To bad people don't have anything better to do then destroy other people's property's

Anonymous said...

Something needs to be done,, and it's not New Christmas Lights!!!

Anonymous said...

How about cameras that actually see what's going on.

Anonymous said...

More Police and CODES ENFORCED!