Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Five takeaways from Monday's Borough Council meeting...

1) Council voted unanimously to accept Ordinance No. 880 which, through the issuance of a series of bonds, allows the borough to obtain nearly 10 million dollars to pay off certain debts while saving money on interest.

Part of the bond project will be used to pay off the fire station building located at 137 South Front Street. The borough owns the land, but not the building.

An existing debt from 2006 in the amount of approximately two million dollars will also be paid using funds from the bond project.

Remaining bond funding will be used to finance "Capital Projects."

2) David Nikoloff with AIM Advisors gave a presentation about reuse of the borough's wastewater treatment plant into a natural gas production facility. Part of the plan required $75,800 for a study to determine feasibility of this reuse. A motion was made, but there was no second.

3) Jeanne Cooper was selected to fill the remaining seat on the new Market House Advisory Committee. Cooper is a former Trust member.

4) The proposed 2017 budget will be advertised, and council will vote on its approval at the December meeting. The tax rate will stay at 8 mills.

5) Karl Kreiser and Dave Mountz both submitted letters of resignation from the Parks and Recreation Committee effective immediately.


  1. Any plans for the fire house building?

  2. Hopefully our town leaders put more thought into this potential use of the sewer plant than they did last time. That last idea was a complete waste of our towns personnel man hours.