Thursday, October 20, 2016

With just 19 players, Columbia's football team battles for 'the love of the game' | Football |

At full strength, Columbia's roster boasts 19 students. With two players absent from school Tuesday, and another two out with injuries, the remaining 15 took the field, chanting "Tide Pride" as the team worked on its offense.


Anonymous said...

That's a third of the typical graduating class at CHS. When you have 500 school districts in a state this is what you'll get.

Anonymous said...

It always wasn't this way. The demographics have changed. Society has changed. School and community culture have changed. Having 500 school districts is just a small part of the overall problem.

Anonymous said...

School districts are the income boundaries. Unfortunately lower income districts are higher only in taxes. Shame on our legislators for allowing this. Taxpayers & children in these lower income districts are paying for it