Monday, October 3, 2016

About Town

Some recent pics about town . . .

 Another vandalized bench plaque at Columbia River Park

Many birds high on a wire

 Many dollars deep in a hole.
The trolley was a grand experiment, but outlays and revenues didn't match - by far - despite the presence of the affable Andre Underhill (foreground), owner, driver and tour guide. Andre's wife, Kelly (far left), is co-owner of Rivertowne Trolley Co., LLC.

 But no worries, Andre will return with the trolley this coming Saturday, October 8, for Albatwitch Day in Columbia. Funding will be provided exclusively by passengers.

 Some big trees were cut down at Mount Bethel Cemetery - and needed to be - due to falling branches. 

 The Weeping Angel is safe once again.
(Note the wing that was reportedly damaged by a falling branch.)

 Decorative tombstone at Holy Trinity Cemetery

 Baby possum on Heritage Drive

 "Can't we all just get along?"

 Another condemned building, this one at 337 Cherry Street

 "Dog feces in several of the rooms" -  yuck!

 It's beginning to look a lot like . . .  Halloween - on Bethel Street

 "After the game" snacks at Columbia First Church of God, 7th and Walnut.

 Abandoned pickup?

The owner lives in Lancaster.

  The truck's been sitting on North 7th for a while.

 It even has a bed full of . . . water.

 This property on North 7th is on the blighted list but should probably be taken off, since the owner is taking steps to bring it up to par.
Painting by L Weber & Son Painting

 A unique way to mark parking spaces.

 On Avenue F

 Parking lot grillin' on North 4th

 The Grinch is back to his abnormal self, after changing into Trump and then Hillary.

 He might actually be the best candidate of all.

 Do what now?
A few of those letters aren't even in the alphabet.

 This one's for sale, too.

 These signs seem to be getting close.

There's nothing like togetherness.


  1. How can the ongoing vandalism be stopped?
    We are going to He'll in a Handbag.
    Kudos Boro Council!

  2. Like to know who is doing that to the bench's at River park to bad they don't have any thing better to do families paid to put them there in memory of there loved ones what ashame people feel they must do this.

    1. Why wouldn't the CAMERAS like to know who is doing the damage. Tax dollars paid for cameras that never see a thing.

  3. Reading about the condemned property on Cherry St., it said it was last inspected in 2011. It went 5 years before it was checked due to being condemned. Who knows how many properties are rental properties and not registered. Too many absentee landlords.Come on residents of Columbia, it is time we crack down on them and take the town back.

    1. I think it's too far gone. No incentive for anyone to take a rental property and make it a single family dwelling again. There simply is no incentive to do so. What can be done with those rentals that look like crap? Probably not much. The littering and trash that was discussed (over a year ago) on South Fourth Street is still happening now. Nothing has changed. Codes and cops walk around together and give verbal warnings followed by written and finally citations for offenders and landlords.

  4. Every rental needs to be gone over twice a year at the very least.
    It's out of control!

  5. I think that truck belongs to Jim Stover over on N.3 st..

    1. The truck is registered to Juan Carlos Martinez-Gomez of Lancaster.

  6. Anonymous get a life!