Thursday, September 15, 2016

Zoning violations posted at Venues

      Seen this morning at 237 Locust Street


  1. Just found this statement on Venue's Facebook page:

    The problem is you brought the same fake gangster garbage from York and Lancaster (especially York) that destroyed places like NV, Banana max, and cobblestones into columbia, and expected them to act differently.

    I said the day I saw the first ad for events that this was going to happen, after seeing the post making the rounds with the same ol' people who always happen to be around when things like this go down.

    Not a race. Not a gender. A specific type of deplorable human being. A type of person you specifically targeted for attendance. How dare you pull the race card because your target demo couldn't go a month without shooting each other on god damn main street. Half a block from my front door while my family slept.

    Quit hiding behind race, actually accept responsibility for bringing this here, stop making excuses, and either fix it or shut down. Because its bad enough this town is full of addicts and lifetime system sponges, we don't need York and Lancaster's problems too.

    I moved here to get away from lost cause cities like York, and I will do everything I can to support keeping you from brining an incident like that to this town again.

    Patrons shot each other half a block from my front door (i live a block away)within a month of opening. Within a month.

    Same fake gangster crowd that drove places like cobblestones in York into the ground by pretending to be ballers, spending too much, drinking too much, starting a fight, then turning the street into the OK corral.

    From @David Litrenta

  2. If there were zoning violations, how did this club operate since July.If the zoning violations were back in July, whoever issued the permit should be called in on the carpet. This may explain the problems in the code enforcement Dept. If the violations occurred after the opening, the operators should not be permitted to reopened, even if they correct the violations. The problems the club created should be reason enough.

  3. I have not heard yet who is the landlord for this establishment. Rumors are its Doolittle and his group of investors. How much does this guy need to do to make this town worse before someone steps up and starts blocking his actions. Long list of bad things follow him. just an opion. please share yours if you want.

    1. I believe it is Doolittle and the place is up for Sheriffs sale. 235 Locust is listed on the sheriffs sale site and i believe that includes 237.

  4. Where are the wind up cameras at!!

  5. If none of you attend town meetings, if your the same system sponger that you speak of, if you don't have a clue what Dolittle goes through just to bring new construction to your addict town please keep your negative social media limited comments to yourself.