Monday, September 19, 2016

Parents, police take to the streets as Columbia grapples with school bullying problem

Lutz said he and the police chief will meet with school officials to discuss methods to increase student safety.


  1. When your on the streets be observant!
    Note parents, living on section eight, collecting food stamps sitting blatantly, drinking, smoking legal and illegal substance without a care in the world. Especially their children being cared for or ignored why the reap the benefits of my harvest. Same ones day in and day out, this is one root of the problems. Are their handsite glued to that can and blunt? Is that chair connected to that bottom??
    Open up your eyes and include the adults, that's where the children are learning their behavior from.

    1. And children also "learn" from bad spelling, bad grammar, illogical ignorance and prejudice!

  2. How about some parents or volunteers, pick different corners on the school routes.. adding safety and protection for these kids? I would jump at the opportunity if I was available. And what about cameras in the classrooms? Could Columbia get a grant for these, considering the recent and ongoing incidents? I can't imagine how vulnerable these kids must feel, when they can't count on their teachers or school, to keep them safe.

  3. Watcher are you watching or acting

  4. Watcher is just that, watching and full of drama. Something we don't need!