Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Columbia School Board meeting Thursday, September 15 at 7 p.m.

The regular monthly meeting of the Columbia Borough School Board will be held Thursday, September 15, 2016 [7:00PM-8:00PM]  at the  District Administration Center, 200 N. Fifth Street, Columbia, PA 17512.

Follow this link to read the meeting agenda:


    Two district higher-ups trip over their ego's and fall into the waiting arms of state officials who are there to serve papers for ethics violations.
    Board members from a far away district who are there,in disguise, are refused the right to speak because they appear to be anonymous.
    They speak out anyway and end the now infamous agreement!
    Rodent infestation in a school cafeteria is a denied topic because the rodents have not been caught on camera.
    The camera pans the room and records several board members, leaving abruptly, as they are being chased by the state officials.
    The schools are closed on a 3-0 vote due to lack of credibility but are quickly rescued by state officials, who remember their true purpose, and state that the schools are there to provide education for students, not jobs for individuals.

  2. Columbia taxpayers need to fill this room tonight. There are serious issues that must be brought out into the open. Facts, not opinions, will defeat hidden agendas. We are the guilty ones if we do not fight back against this agreement with Elanco and against the persons responsible for drawing up this loaded agreement which appears, because we are not allowed to read it, to supply nothing for our students, nothing for tax relief and nothing to benefit the taxpayers.

  3. Never had this thought before but am now embarrassed by our schools here. We became the laughing stock of Lancaster County when our school board president became the Director of Operations through a contrived, ridiculous agreement with Elanco. Am told that our school gave up control to Elanco's school board but that we are not permitted to speak at Elanco's board meetings. WOW! We taxpayers must end this embarrassment. Go to the meeting tonight. The future of our children is at stake, as is our pride.