Sunday, August 28, 2016

Teens accused of firing at police had criminal pasts, records show

Court records and interviews reveal the teenagers — who are cousins — had troubled pasts, and that they were not unfamiliar with the criminal justice system.



  1. Incarceration at their age is only going to make them meaner and meaner. I think Stedman wants to make an example by placing 37 charges.

  2. Then why do you suggest?
    Meaner and Meaner = More time and more time.

  3. I do not know what their sentences will be, but according to the York Daily Record, they had numerous run in with the law earlier in life.Apparently, they have not learned their lesson.They must do some time since if proven guilty, they had the possibility to do a lot of injury if not stopped. I feel for the parents.

  4. Seems even younger grandparents ENABLE their off spring who in return teach their offspring how to avoid the law or what they have coming to them.
    This is not aimed at the shooters, it's an observation I just witnessed.
    Even the ones that speak of a God need to look INSIDE their narrow minds and pray.
    Go tell the truth and SHAME THE DEVIL!!!!