Tuesday, August 2, 2016

NAACP Statement On The Shooting Of Police Officers In Columbia, Pennsylvania

August 01, 2016

Baltimore, MD -Today, NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks released the following statement after the arrest of Marquell Rentas and Trenton Nace in the non-fatal shooting of four police officers in Columbia, Pennsylvania.

'Yet again as a nation we are an unwilling witness to alleged violence against the police. While much is yet unknown in the circumstances of the arrests of Marquell Rentas and Trenton Nace, the NAACP is profoundly concerned about hostile actions against police and committed to nonviolent means of change.

'The NAACP is committed to ending moments such as this by steadfastly condemning brutal violence against the police and police misconduct. Neither form of violence is an excuse for the other. Such realities go against the values of America and the values of the NAACP.

'The events in Columbia this weekend are disheartening, but this particular incident creates an opportunity to improve police-community relations, thankfully without having to mourn the loss of life. We commend the efforts of the Lancaster County NAACP and local law enforcement, and echo their call for community dialogue in this time of turmoil. While we gather further details on the two teenagers charged we offer our support to all citizens of Columbia, Pennsylvania.


  1. NAACP .. ACLU ... part of the problem.

    1. Yeah, to hell with civil liberties and the Constitution!

      Improper...punctuation.. another part of the problem.