Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mom of teen charged in shooting blames Black Lives Matter

The mother of a teen charged in Friday's shooting blames the organization Black Lives Matter for the actions of the teen and his accomplice.

"They are in jail for doing what Black Lives Matter wanted them to do: shoot at cops," Luz Rentas said in a statement to several media outlets, Associated Press reported. "The truth is that these are two punk kids following the orders of an irresponsible organization and now they're gonna pay for it."

BLM rejects the claim.


  1. I was told that there was a comment on Facebook that said these kids "messed up." "MESSED UP?????"
    That's when you don't turn homework in. They shot at cops, I doubt the jury will brush it off as messing up. As far as giving the family peace, that was what their sons should have done by behaving properly. Their sons brought all this attention to themselves and their families. Stop blaming others.

  2. a huge part of whats wrong in the world today. everyone is always blaming others for THEIR actions. its the boys actions, not his parents, aunts, etc. the boys. they are old enough to know better.

  3. If they are under 18 then yes parents are still partially responsible.
    I watch night after night the same underage punk harrassing people.
    The sick part is, the parents and a very few other adults encourage and laugh!
    Let's get a grip