Sunday, August 7, 2016

Letter to the editor addresses school district concerns



  1. truth! should have happened years ago. they keep upping our taxes EVERY year. and every day another middle class homeowner is LOSING their home because they can't afford the taxes. i agree. it's time to take action, do the right thing. CONSOLIDATE the schools.

  2. there should be a survey to EVERY tenants. you'll see. the people in this town are done with the school district. you'd swear this was a townfull of rich wealthy.people. school board REFUSES to understand, realize, etc that this town is A POVERTY TOWN. we can NOT afford to pay for the thousands of people who work the system, and generation after generation don't work, take, take, take, all the free money, food, healthcare, etc.

  3. And somehow knows a way to rip the system off.
    They live better than many working residents

  4. Inspect all WELFARE RENTALS,,, I can give you a starting point.
    The chick beside me uses it for sex and drugs.
    We pay, the children suffer.