Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Friends and family seek answers on shooting


The article also states:

"In August 2015, he was involved in afight over a Confederate flag at Sixth and Locust streets. Rentas removed a flag from the back of a truck, his mother confirmed Monday afternoon."

(Actually, the incident occurred at Sixth and Walnut. Columbia Spy first made the connection between the two incidents in a previous article.)


  1. She forgot to add that it's also BLM's fault that her son was out running the streets with a firearm at 3am. Has absolutely nothing to do with poor parenting; it's not that at all. It's all the fault of BLM. Those 'irresponsible' bastards! Now her poor baby is paying the price and she's stuck paying attorney fees. Damn you BLM! Another promising youth plucked from our streets and they just don't care. #foolsraisingfools #itsalwayssomeoneelssesfaul #itried

  2. thats the problem...TOO many punk kids in the world today. they should have been treated as criminals as youngsters just to get them off the streets. leave the family alone. they are suffering enough. but this crazy world we live in, encourages punk kids, lack of discipline and lack of respect for everyone-including their parents, the police, mentors, etc. the system is broke. not sure it can ever be fixed.

  3. It goes back to the old saying:
    If someone tells you to jump off a bridge are you gonna do it?
    I do feel sorry for all involved, it's a real mess now.

  4. BLM is a hate group that thrives on impressionable lost souls like this. Just like ISIS. If your vulnerable and bored they want you! They suck you in and take you. Be alert and look around at all times. We are not safe anywhere anymore not even in a small town.

  5. I feel for the families of these 2 young men. I know both of them personally since they are friends with my son. My husband and I both work hard, volunteer with the community and tried to teach our son right from wrong. Our other children were never in any type of trouble. But with him, we have been thru arrests, probation, drugs, missing for days, rehab, and detention. We have found him missing in the middle of the night (he waited until we were asleep and left) He has chosen to make the wrong decisions just as Trenton and Marquell. We have tried everything. Nothing works for him. Sometimes no matter what you do your children will make the wrong choices.... It is not the fault of the parents.... Sometimes you do everything right and that child still makes bad choices....

    1. Exactly! And you can't even fathom how it happened with all the love and support and effort it takes to parent someone with these tendencies. It is draining on the whole family. It takes time away from everyone else and it is so heartbreaking. Hang in there and know you did nothing wrong.

  6. A good ass whoopin always did the trick when i was a kid and it works still today my child respects authority but is not a pushover either