Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Columbia comes together on National Night Out

Columbia Borough celebrated its 4th annual National Night Out on Tuesday, August 2, 2016. The community came together for some much-needed healing after recent events.

 Lots of free hot dogs!
(Unidentified personage in the background)

 Always a hit, Jack Hubley wowed the crowd with a variety of critters

 including this well-fed rat snake.

 Councilwoman Steph Weisser tried on a protective suit used by the Lancaster County Prison K-9 Unit.

 Lancaster County Prison K-9 Unit on the hunt for the bad guy.

Bad guy encountered



 Bad guy being escorted

 Long line for the horse rides

 Off and running - or at least walking

 Union encampment equipped for a little git-fiddle music.

 Firefighters beating up a Camry in preparation for a rescue demo using the Jaws of Life

Cutting up

 Columbia resident Angel Rodriguez and Officer Brent Keyser


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! Love this. So happy the community came together to support all our police officers and all others-ems, fire police, fire fighters, etc. but especiall ythe police! this event is certainly turning into quite an awesome event. maybe time to look into doing this on a saturday and making a day of it!!! kudos to all involved. Thank you to each and every police officer for all you do. for caring about this community. for putting your lives on the line every day. thank you just doesn't seem enough.

Anonymous said...

great pics as always

Anonymous said...

don't know what happened...but i along with a lot of others, would LOVE to see K-9 unit in the Borough again. It would be awesome to have AT LEAST 2 k-9'S.

Anonymous said...

Great night thanks for everything are police do for us

Anonymous said...

The K9 program existed when the police department was properly staffed with enough officers. The prison K9 guys are full time K9 guys. At the police station they would be taking reports, writing reports, transporting prisoners and any other duty a police officer handles.

Anonymous said...

IF the boro intends to KEEP the police and NOT consolidate...then they MUST support them 100%.

Anonymous said...

This small Boro is now out of control!!!
Columbia needs help.
Columbia Police Department needs help and needs to weed out those that think working for us is a CAKE WALK!