Sunday, August 28, 2016

Columbia businesses chosen for Readers Choice Awards

Congratulations to Smith's in Columbia, Hinkle's Pharmacy, and Susquehanna Blue Smoke on being chosen for Readers Choice Awards in today's LNP.


  1. Yes, Smith's was named for the fourteenth consecutive year. Happy to see Hinkle's and Susquehanna Blue Smoke made the list! All my favorites!!

  2. Wait! Forgot to mention the best antique store in Lancaster County, Burning Bridge Antique Market.

    1. We have so many great shops here now, they should all be listed as the best of Lancaster County.

  3. Glad to see the Columbia businesses make the list but Smith's cheesesteaks number 2. No way they deserve that there steaks haven't been good for years and there's a lot of better places then there. Years ago they made a good sandwich but not anymore.

  4. I love RIVERTOWN Antiques.

  5. I miss T J STEAKS from Market House.
    And he would still be in town in a Store Front if our LEADERS DIDN'T GET THEIR OWN WAY ALL THE TIME!
    I vote for Mr Joe's Steak now.

  6. I agree. It is a shame how the borough was making TJ jump over so many hurdles that it got too expensive. Not very business friendly. Drive by Donegal High School and look at the Kleen Rite building. Again,another business leaving Columbia, except for their offices. I also think Smith's sandwiches went down hill. I vote for Joe's.

  7. Lol LOL I LOVE THE SPY!!!
    Yep and guess who is contemplating asking for a seat on the market house,,,,
    Store front in Columbia for 16 years, and still operating outside Columbia yet home based.

  8. Smith's number 2 is a joke. Their water and onion sandwich is terrible. Joe's and almost anywhere else makes a better steak sandwich. And their customer service is even worse!!!

  9. Anyone Remember Billy,s sandwiches on fourth street behind Holy Trinity,,,,,