Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sidewalk strays?

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”
Leonardo da Vinci

Last week, we saw these two kittens trying to nurse on the sidewalk, near the intersection of Walnut and Commerce Streets. All three cats were tame and approachable. Although the adult female seemed reluctant to oblige the kittens, the two pursued her anyway. Eventually, they gave up.

Columbia Spy received the following Facebook screenshot today.  The kitten shown bears a distinct resemblance to the one in the first photo above. We hope the perpetrator of the abuse described below is caught.  Cruelty to animals is no joke.


  1. Did anyone call any rescues to trap and rehome the strays ? Or were thy left basically for dead in the street ?

    1. Talk is cheap, call a rescue and you will find out that they do not respond to requests immediately. None of the cats looked like they were ready to drop over dead in the street. Re-home sounds like Craigslist talk. I've been put on waiting lists to turn kittens in at some shelters. They are already overwhelmed beyond belief. Be ready to open your wallet too, it's not always free.

  2. They were not left for dead!! Not every stray cat can be captured on the spot immediately. The mom looks like she hangs out at a home across the street. I have trapped and spay/neutered several cats in the past four years, as well as obtained veterinary care for others. It is a struggle to keep up with each and every stray cat that I come across. Attend borough meetings and you will find that an animal shelter is being discussed for Columbia Borough. Thank the person that helped a kitten and be happy that one more is off the street. Glad you are concerned, the address is in the article if you would like to go set traps or call a rescue. Happy for help!

  3. the boro has way too many stray cats thruout. need to remove them.

  4. You people are cruel, Thank you Sharon.

  5. Now about a noise ordinance and welfare,,,,,