Saturday, July 23, 2016

Columbia has new venue at Venues

Angelo Colon and his brother Nate, shown below, have just opened a new lounge called Venues at 237 Locust Street. Angelo describes it as a mellow place where people can go to relax, talk, and dance. The venue is BYOB and has a luxury V.I.P. lounge. The cover charge is $5 before 10 p.m. and $10 thereafter. Angelo gave us a tour of the lounge just before guests were about to arrive. 

Space is available for receptions and private parties. See below for contact information.


  1. really??? and this is what we need downtown??? surely you jest! hope it gets shut down immediately. things are looking up for columbia. we truly don't need this.

  2. How was the signage for "Venues" approved by the Codes Department and HARB? It looks sharp as "graffiti" theme signage, but not historically correct!

  3. Good luck!! A fun place to hang out and dance!

  4. Columbia Ordinance § 130-16 Preapproved activities.

    Preapproved activities are activities that require a certificate of appropriateness as specified in § 130-15 but that will not require review at a regularly scheduled meeting of the HARB if the activity is in compliance with conditions specified herein.

    A. Determination of compliance with the conditions of the preapproved activity shall be made by certified staff. Upon determination of compliance, certified staff shall so notify the Building Inspector who shall then issue the permit as may be required by other Borough regulations. Any and all conditions related to preapproved activities shall be specified as requirements upon issuance of said permit.

    B.Borough Council may, with recommendation from HARB, adopt or rescind, by motion or resolution, preapproved activities.

    C. Preapproved activities:
    (1) Activities that require a permit or that are specifically regulated by this chapter but that are not visible from a public way.
    (2) In-kind repair/replacement.
    (3) Cleaning exterior surfaces of masonry structures in accordance with NPS Preservation Brief No. 1 and 6. Guidelines will be available at the Borough office.
    (4) Repointing masonry structures in accordance with NPS Preservation Brief No. 2. Guidelines will be available at the Borough office.
    (5) Painting exterior surfaces of frame structures in accordance with NPS Preservation Brief No. 10. Guidelines will be available at the Borough office.
    (6) Installation of commercial and business signage to the exterior of buildings.
    [Added 12-11-2006 by Ord. No. 771]

    1. Wow so people of Columbia can not have anything because you dont like the sign? So stereotypical.. Graffiti my friend when done right is an art. Why dont you try it and see how good you are. They should be seen as artist and be given the proper opportunity to show their talent

    Good luck, keep it clean and respectable.
    Another business for Columbia, KUDOS

  6. Let's have the Trolley Stop here, attract the younger generation!