Monday, July 25, 2016

Columbia Borough Council fills 2 vacancies; no Democrats serve

John Novak and Fran FitzGerald were selected to replace Mary Barninger and Barry Ford. Both terms began July 11 and end the first Monday in 2018.


  1. welcome! good luck! remember please to vote on behalf of the majority of the taxpaying homeowners! there's an awful lot of spending going on.

  2. Wow, (2) Independent, and some that switched to Republican overnight to get the vote in the wards, but true Democrats.
    In the last 6 elections a Democrat is rarely selected due to the lower wards.

    So why would you want to be a Democrat in Columbia? Change parties after the election to Republican and you will elected to Columbia Borough Council.

    1. Why?

      If you are gonna' want to suck up to the state elected public servants you better be following that party line. If you're gonna' want to interfere in school district's "fanangling" you better follow the party line, too.

      Why would the state elected public servants be involved with the contracting of a school district position anyway?

      Why would any local elected public servants be involved with school district business?

      Separate entities have separate policies, don't they?

  3. What happened to the dedication to your party affiliation? If we have all these Republicans and Independents on Borough Council and School Board, why does it feel like a spending spree going on currently?

    Why is the public out of the loop on background checks and work history of the elected officials?

    When you have an interview for a paid position, companies will only hire a person(s) with a clean record and good job history. I would like to know all backgrounds on current members of Borough Council and School Board. They are handling my hard earned tax money.

    Tide Pride!