Monday, July 4, 2016

About Town

Recent pics around town . . .

 Birdhouse village at last week's arts and crafts show at Locust Street Park

 Many dead fish have been spotted alongshore lately, including this carp.  We're told that chartered fishing boats have been taking customers out in the evening to shoot fish with bow and arrow.  Once shot, the fish are thrown back into the river - dead.

 Wide open

 At least the sign looks better this time.
A similar sign was recently removed from this very pole along Route 462, between Second and Third Streets, as shown HERE on Columbia Spy. We wonder if the sign's owners got permission form the borough to hang the new one here.

 Nest building

The return of the elusive honeybee?

 Goin' fishin'

 Damselfly, apparently not in distress

Out for a stroll

 Eluding the paparazzi


 Chis Vera, president of the Columbia Historic Preservation Society, sprucing the place up

 A cycle with everything . . .

 including a dog who looks a bit like Muttley

 This is probably a no-no.

Bicycle built for three

 Work in progress

Seen at River Park July 4
The website HERE features a World War II hero, Columbia's own Bill Smith!


  1. The yellow sign on the pole is illegal. The borough also would not give permission for a sign on that pole, as it is not the borough's jurisdiction. It should be removed.

  2. Good pictures good one of Chris painting the museum

  3. Excellent photos, as always!

  4. its real nice to see the honey bees!!!! the borough needs to step up and enforce its rules, laws, ordinances, etc. there is to be NO SWIMMING and NO FISHING at the boat dock area at the River Park...yet there's ALWAYS people in the water.What the heck. Someone is going to get hurt or killed until you irresponsible council person realize what a risk this is.

  5. The sign should be removed. It is obvious the business advertising is in Wrightsville. They can print up flyers and have the antique business across the street from the sign hand them out if they agree to do so. The borough complains about yard sale signs and such, this no different.

  6. It's very simple, telephone poles are not to be used to support signs. But just like anything else, no one will enforce it, so it is accepted.

  7. Kids being kids,,, fishing and enjoying summer vacation!
    The Museum looks great Mr Vera.
    Bicycle for three is a great family idea.
    Hope these pics inspire the residents of Columbia to wake up!