Wednesday, June 8, 2016

No safety committee meeting tonight June 8


  1. Go figure,,,,
    Sam Biglers relieved, and a safety issue.
    Tear it down and give it as a gift to Perfect Settings.

  2. If this could actually happen, why give it to perfect settings as a gift. The taxpayers are on the hook for the money spent on this dump. Seems fitting the money should go back to the taxpayers and not one private entity.

  3. Perfect Settings has suffered with this property for over eight years. Boro Council has ignored it for even longer. Bigler should still be liable for monies owed. The building needs to come down now and the empty lot, would be perfect for outdoor activities and dining. Look at what the Pagans have done with their property.

    1. They don't follow the rules so don't be so quick to put them on a pedestal as a positive "example". That building on the roof was never brought before Zoning or HARB for approval. Residents can't just build additions onto their properties without following the codes.

  4. And you know that as a fact?