Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ghost sign brought back to life

Columbia Spy has been spying on the progress of a painting project at Bootleg Antiques on Bridge Street recently. Newly applied paint has revived a "ghost sign," a faded indicator of a faded industry, in this case, the Superior Laundry Machinery Company. (Go HERE for links to the company's history.) Various stages of the repainting are shown below.

Kudos to Bootleg for bringing back a bit of Columbia's history.


  1. wow. looks great!!!!!

  2. It would be best if some of the store fronts on Locust St. could paint the name of their store's name or the original store on their fronts. Union Station started it and it looks great. Great job to the Station and Bootleg Antiques.

    1. Not sure Union Station started this, but either way it's great! The sign at Bootleg is an original "ghost" sign of prior business, not sure that applies to Union Station, but their's is nice too.