Monday, June 13, 2016

Columbia holds community conversation on heroin

Last Tuesday, June 7, local leaders and others held a community discussion at Columbia Jr./Sr. High School to address the heroin epidemic in the area. Columbia Mayor Leo Lutz and Columbia Borough Police Chief Jack Brommer led the discussion. An audience of about 70 people listened to a panel of six describe their encounters with the drug and users under its influence. Audience members also addressed the panel in a subsequent question-and-answer session.

Go HERE for more information on the community conversation.

Columbia Mayor Leo Lutz lead the community discussion.

Judge David Ashworth explained that heroin addiction has reached a crisis point.

Joel Jakubowski urged parents to act in their children's best interest.


  1. how about starting with regular drug testing (randomly of course) oF ALL recipients of free (thanks to us hardworking taxpayers) housing, medical, food, etc.

  2. Yes!!! 100% agree along with inspection of the rental properties.

  3. Seems CPD is afraid of the abusers, the three strike rule, what has happened to that?
    Columbia is becoming notorious and a GHETTO down in the Historic District.

  4. I agree, some employees of the police department have become to darn Comfortable