Monday, June 13, 2016

Borough Council Meeting tonight

Columbia Borough Council will meet tonight, June 13 at 7 p.m. at borough Hall, 308 Locust Street.

The meeting is open to the public.

Agenda items to be discussed can be found HERE.


  1. Come one, come ALL!!!!!

  2. Thanks to all that attended. It seemed to be well attended tonight. I hope people will continue to show council that yes, the taxpayers do care about what's going on.

  3. Come one come ALL to boro hall.

    See where your tax dollars are being spent.

    Before you know it, you'll wonder where the LASA money went.

    Show up and hold their feet to the fire or else they will try to sneak a new hire.

    Show up and ask questions galore.
    What else is council sitting there for?

    Show up and give them a piece of your mind.
    Taxes and spending do they think we are blind?

  4. well said. sneak a new hire??? yes. code enforcement officerS

  5. I hope that some of the people that air their views apply for the vacancies.Maybe they can see it is not easy a job and then hold their feet to the fire. It is simple to complain,but be constructive in your complaints.

    1. How is it that you are so sure that anyone voicing an opinion hasn't already tried to get on council. Applying does not mean one secures a position.

    2. If anyone on council does not want to answer to the residents they should not have participated in the election process or applied. They are now public servants. They ALL asked to be in that position.

    3. That's true. However, they did not all ask to be constantly accused of wrong doing. They sit at the table many nights a month to try to improve things in Columbia, they complete tasks for the Borough on the other nights, and are berated by people who refuse to volunteer their own services to their community. It's a thankless job that requires them to be away from their families in the evenings quite often, just to deal with people who feel the need to come to a meeting to catch them in a problem. It's no wonder the resignations keep coming. I hope there are more people waiting in the wings to take their places.

  6. Amen to the last statement. Columbia is a MESS!