Sunday, June 26, 2016

About Town

Recent pics about town . . .

Saturday morning on Marietta Avenue

 What is it?

 It's the elusive red-tailed squirrel at Locust Street Park!

The "S" is silent. They offer "ire Sprinklers," which are probably used to cool off angry people.

 Bluebirds on red sign


 Does that mean it's a movable shelter?

 Low-rent accommodations

 Love is in the air - or at least in the canoe.

 Fly the friendly skies of . . . jihad?

 The family that bikes together . . .

 Driver's Ed

Furling the flags on Flag Day . . .

 History lesson

 One down, 10 million to go

 Two-bit basketball hoop

Not a good way to promote your product.  
According to Wikipedia: 
"The biohazard symbol was developed in 1966 by Charles Baldwin, an environmental-health engineer working for the Dow Chemical Company on the containment products. It is used in the labeling of biological materials that carry a significant health risk, including viral samples and used hypodermic needles."

 There it is again. 
Of course, when used in relation to zombies, it makes perfect sense.

 Rollin' along

 Painting it backwards only compounds the error.

 Notice at 30 North Second

The owners want to convert a three-unit apartment into a rooming house.

 This is just the first step. 

 Mr. Ed sighting?

Nope. Still not right.


  1. LOL Thanks again for the great pics. Made my Sunday evening.

  2. I was hoping that some of the rental properties would be gradually phased out, not looking that way. I hope the Veterans living here will be responsible.

    1. This may be a clever way for a landlord to get guaranteed money from the government, by housing vets. Why not build a high rise (like Trinity House) for homeless veterans.

  3. who said anything about Veterans??? I too as a taxpayer want the Boro to get rid of a couple hundred rental properties, not create more. Isn't there anything we can do about that?

    1. A rooming house for homeless veterans is in the works for this ugly property. No one is going to refuse a homeless vet. I sure hope it is closely monitored, we do not need another Lazy K.

  4. The blue packet with the bio hazard symbol looks to be synthetic marijuana i hope that problem doesn't start spreading in columbia.

  5. I'm sure the VA will monitor better than Welfare or Codes.
    Has to be better than Lazy K, Fourth and Walnut or the Welfare Frauds we host in Columbia.

    1. I'm not sure that the VAs reputation is all that great here of late, so I wouldn't count on too much in the way if monitoring.