Sunday, May 15, 2016

This town is for the birds

Abundant wildlife thrives in our humble hamlet, among which is a great variety of bird species of many shapes and sizes. Most of the following photos were shot this weekend:

 Smug starling with mouthful of mayflies

 Yes, the Canada Geese are back at River Park.  
Watch your step!


 This bluebird took up temporary residence in one of the young bald cypress trees at Columbia River Park.

 He glared at the camera.

 And then turned his back.

 Then glared again from atop a sign, looking crabby.
Apparently, the bluebird of happiness was having a bad day.

 Some sort of shorebird - along the shore, of all places



 Osprey on the hunt 


 Onward and downward!


 Unfortunately for him, it was a near miss.

 Back at it

 A little later, a great blue heron flew over.

 These two vied for control of the skies.

 Red-tailed hawk

 Another shot

 Bird on a wire - a male blue jay

 The early bird gets the worm, and the early worm becomes breakfast.

 Pigeon in a puddle

Later that afternoon, the osprey's efforts paid off. He was carrying a hapless bass (or some other kind of sunfish) over the river.
(This photo was shot through the windshield of a moving car with a point and shoot.)


  1. please remember do NOT feed the's ILLEGAL

  2. I think the bird has an American Shad by the shape of the fish.

  3. The fish in the talons of the hawk. Is the fish possibly a Shad in spawning?

    What a great photo to catch!

  4. Great pictures Cole !!! Keep em coming!!!

  5. Awesome,,,,
    Where are the Bald Eagles?

  6. Perhaps they are harassed by juvenile delinquents? Or afraid of what DEPT Violations occur in our Boro...

  7. Oh I know how that is,, so remember teach the children, they are the future.