Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Public Works Report for May 2016

 This report was presented at the Public Works meeting on May 17, 2016:

A strangely named product listed in the report actually exists. The website is HERE.


  1. Working in industrial maintenance and repair, that is the correct name. Their specialty is air movement in large areas, like warehouses, factories,etc. Granted,it is a strange name, that is what they go by.

  2. what pray tell is phase 3 at river park???????????????????????????????? matching grants?? that mean s the taxpayers MUST pay HALF!

  3. still unsure why there ISN"T signage for the NEW TRUCK ROUTE. spend all that money, the truck route is good BUT non locals do NOT know about it. heck some locals don't don't. ALL people would have to do updates on GPS and hope the new truck route is there.