Thursday, May 5, 2016

PA school funding increase: $117 per student in Lancaster County - Columbia gets 2nd-largest increase

The second-largest funding increase per student — $190 — went to the Columbia Borough School District, which at 72 percent has the county's second-highest rate of economically disadvantaged students.



  1. Once again our legislators don't do the right thing for our states education system. They just dump more taxpayer money into an inefficient system instead of reducing the amount of school districts & getting more money into the classrooms instead of administration.

  2. Once Upon A Time,,,,,
    Hopefully they come to their senses, and realize that.

  3. We need tax reform now. Stop talking about it. Consolidate districts. Like him or not, Trump is sending a message to our representatives that the people are fed up with government running of things. Leaders listen to the people. Tax reform now.

  4. Cyber school is really a safer and cheaper alternative. It just would mean the school wouldn't have to "babysit" and the kids would learn better and faster anyway. They have online class room and have monthly class meetings, field trips and events your only regret for a real parent that cares about their kid and their education will be not doing it sooner.
    My daughter was bullied to the point that she would cry having to go to Columbia school annd she failed 2 years in a row so I pulled her out and I'm old school so I was real skeptical about this cyber school but I contacted AGORA Charter school and enrolled her and in the first semester she was right on target/average and passing the rest of the time.. The only thing the parents have to do is help the younger kids with their book work and enter grades into the computer and make sure the kids are online for their online classes which is anywhere from 2-6 half hour classes broken up during the day.....with a live teacher and class about 10 other students and individual help is always available with teacher live...
    They also send everything you need computer, supplies, books exc.. They will help pay for internet... It's really great you just have to agree to attend the monthly functions which are local... LIke I said it's great for both parents and kids....
    Columbia school is an outdated waste and should really in my opinion be shut down....

  5. The problem is the public schools are burdened with the trash and under-performers that the private/charter/(and yes)cyber schools don't have to (and won't) take. You have kids that should be in mental institutions or prison attending the schools, absorbing all the resources and taking away opportunities from the few kids that actually are trying to get an education. It isn't right. So we can fall on our knees and praise the Trump and his conservative act (which is fake and I can't believe you fall for it), or we can fix the real problems in the public schools.

    And that first problem would be for this country to actually respect the education system and academic pursuits in general.


    1. I'm sorry you feel that way but I believe weather the kid has issues or not they still should have the right to adequate education and cyber school you don't have to worry about who is sitting next to your kid to influence them or spread head lice lord knows Columbia has that problem every year.....
      Some of those kids are out of control and act like little animals but that is because they lack proper leadership and simply don't know any better.

      One time I was at the park feeding the squirels before I dropped my kids off to school and these other kids were chasing the squirells with sticks as much as I wanted to scold them for it I offered them some penuts to help feed the squirels and they threw down their sticks and helped feed them... So even though they are mixed up most are still good kids willing to learn and change and for the ones that aren't that just means they need a little extra help.... It's really not their fault the state allows single people who don't work to keep having kids they can't afford then usually as a result of stress and struggles the poor kids get neglected and don't know what it's like to live a normal life... Heck I bet more then half the kids in this town don't even sit down to dinner with their parents cause they are to busy running the streets and in most cases unattended at that.......
      Really sad but it's not the kids fault they all really deserve better they what they got now...

  6. Mmm a tad harshly stated.
    Teach your children,,
    AND yes teach them respect also.

  7. I paid taxes for years but still paid for private school. Your tax $'s should follow your kids. They rcv'd a much higher education with no daily call for the cops to arrive to break up a fight.