Sunday, May 8, 2016

Our trees have taken a beating lately

Trees in the area have suffered a lot lately, due either to the hand of nature or that of humans.  Asplundh recently slashed their way through Columbia, cutting trees in their path. An Asplundh spokesman has informed Columbia Spy that PPL contracted them to undertake the project, which is done about every four years. Notices are hung on property owners' doors in advance of trimming. Asplundh supposedly has a certain amount of right-of-way on private property to trim trees interfering with electrical wires. The spokesman said residents should not be concerned about the degree of trimming - which can sometimes look severe - because the trees "will grow back."

Nature also took a toll on local trees recently, when high winds sheared off several trees on the Musser property along Lancaster Avenue. It appears as if a tornado ripped through the area, although none had been reported at the time.


  1. Unfortunately, their trim jobs are more like a hack job. There are paid to trim around the wires only and not the whole tree. It may grow back,but it looks bad.

  2. It should be a bit more professionally trimmed, no excuses.