Saturday, May 28, 2016

Jumping the gun on parking?

This photograph was taken this morning, Saturday, May 28th. Two of the signs shown are contradictory. One of the signs on the left states that parking in the main lot is reserved for vehicles with trailers only from Memorial Day to Labor Day. (Memorial Day is this coming Monday, May 30.) The larger sign on the right implies that the restriction is effective immediately - today, two days early.

With a busy weekend in store, visitors will need all available parking, and the borough shouldn't be too quick to limit it - or to confuse people with contradictory signs.

(FYI from The Spy: Additional parking is available in the meadow just north of the Veterans Memorial Bridge. This area can be accessed via the dirt road next to the chain-link fence at the railroad tracks.)


  1. They could have waited until Monday and paid a public works employee to come in on overtime/holiday pay to do it. I think it was a smart move and that the parking restriction should start the Friday before memorial day and run to labor day. No one really reads the brown sign and I'm sure some trail users will end up getting tickets and never coming back to Columbia. I would rather they start finding alternative parking before that. The borough should put better signs for trail parking up and direct them to Locust St. or by Rotary park.

  2. Charge for parking if need be, if visiting, free parking for a day. Overnight or continual parking is a habit.
    This generates income!
    Save the negatives, it's not worth my energy.

  3. why does the right hand never know what the left hand is doing

  4. charge for parking but let local businesses stamp the parking ticket and then it's free

  5. ???? Are you referring to street parking? I agree. River parking, charge them!!!

  6. don't even have river parking, make them park on the streets or parking lots, and walk to the river, and have more events at the river