Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Former police chief denied position on pension board

Joseph F. Greenya

Former Columbia Borough Police Chief Joseph F. Greenya was denied a position on the Police Pension Board by Borough Council at its May 9 meeting. Greenya and the Police Association had submitted a request for Greenya to fill a resident position recently vacated by Bill Kloidt. When presented to council Monday night, the motion was not seconded.

Greenya, who resigned as chief in 2011 after working on the force since 1974, sued Columbia Borough on June 28, 2013 over pension concerns. Greenya alleges that he was being short-changed on his monthly pension payments. According to the Lancaster County Prothonotary's Office, the case is still open.


  1. How is the case still open! How much tax dollars has this cost this town?? How many people are on the board?

    1. A document from 2010 shows eight people on the board and lists Greenya as the Police Pension Chairperson.

    2. Although the case is still open, the last action was in 2014, according to the Prothonotary's Office.

  2. If he has a lawsuit against the boro, he should not be able to serve on the board.

  3. Go away already Joe!!!