Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Please don't touch!!!

And this is why:

This incident reportedly occurred today at the National Watch and Clock Museum.

UPDATE: Vehicle accident at Lancaster Avenue & Cherry

A 73-year-old woman hit and killed by a vehicle on Sunday has been identified as Fay Hogentogler of Columbia. She was hit by a pickup truck as she crossed the street towards Locust Street Park shortly after noon near the intersection of Cherry Street and Lancaster Avenue. Paramedics administered aid at the scene, and she was then transported by EMS to Lancaster General Hospital where she died of her injuries.

According to Columbia Borough Police, the 58-year-old female driver of the Dodge Dakota Sport pickup stayed at the scene and cooperated with police. She is not suspected of being under the influence of any intoxicating substance. There will be no comment on any potential charges against the driver until the ongoing investigation/reconstruction is completed. Any witnesses are asked to contact Detective Matthew Leddy at 717-684-7735 ext. 7210 or Sgt. Sam Stein at 717-684-7735..

Beating the heat

Different people found different ways to beat the heat this afternoon at Columbia River Park, by:

Wading . . .

Splashing . . .

Rafting . . .

And Teeing off . . .

There is no place in Pennsylvania where you can make minimum wage and afford a two-bedroom apartment

Many people make more than the minimum wage — which is $7.25, currently in Pennsylvania — however, even at the state average wage, affordable housing is out of reach for many. 

The average wage needed to afford a two-bedroom apartment in Pennsylvania is $18.27. The average wage in Pennsylvania is $13.80. 


Monday, May 30, 2016

About Town

Recent pics about town . . .

This helicopter with a dangling cable has been flying around the area lately.

Columbia Park Rangers spruced up the plaza area across from Rotary Park last week.

 Bicycle built for two plus one.

Bicycle icons were spray-painted at Columbia River Park and on the sidewalk along Route 441 Thursday morning.

The icons mark the route to and from the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail.

The icons continue along the sidewalk towards Bridge Street.

"The Little Trolley That Could" chuggin' over the tracks.

 New informational sign at Columbia Crossing

Pigeon with an aura

Parochial school advertising on public school property?

Bricking it up at Second and Locust

Interesting that this symbol is being displayed a few hundred feet from where the bridge was burned.

One of the many "ghost signs" around town of industries from years past. The link HERE claims the building was the home of the Columbia Laundry Machinery Company, but the first word is hard to see, because another word appears to be superimposed on it. One appears to be "SUPERIOR," in which case the sign would read "SUPERIOR LAUNDRY MACHINERY." The word at the top, near the peak, looks like "KEYSTONE."

A few steps down the street at Bootleg Antiques, another ghost sign is being revived.

A few days later, as painting progressed, the sign looked like this.

As with the previous sign, the first word isn't legible.

 Missing finial on one of the bridge lights

 Seen on the bridge today - a precursor to invasion?

Train speeding by, inches from the walkway near Front and Walnut. Nothing separates the walkway from the train, except a soft cushion of air: no railing, no fence.

 Newfangled TV antenna?

 Pondering death.
Do catbirds get nine lives?

 Penthouse nest

 Yield - just don't read the footnote.

 Antiques . . . 1.5 miles? Where would that be?
Is this sign even legal?

 Here's the back of the same sign, professionally attached.

No, that's not a billboard outside Hinkle's Restaurant. Well, actually, it is -  a moving one, called a 55-foot trailer.

Time for a scratch

Or time for the flea spray?

Broken cycle

Storm Chasers visit Columbia River Park

A van purportedly belonging to a storm-chasing team was parked at Columbia River Park this afternoon, although team members did not appear to be in the area. 

We wonder if they know something we don't about the weather forecast.