Friday, April 15, 2016

Joint meeting between school board and council to be held


  1. Only one thing they can both do. Approach the state & tell them it's hopeless to keep this up. Take us over & save this town & it's taxpayers.

  2. Meanwhile reassess the rental units, these are income generating properties.
    Many are accessed lower than one can imagine.

  3. attend this mtg and say NO NO NO to resourse officer. the taxpayers in this town can't afford it. have teeachers at all exterior doors in the am when the studentss enter, then lock it down!!!!! CONSOLIDATE THE SCHOOL DISTRICT WITH OTHERS. the downtown of the boro, especially the antique shops and used stuff shops are drawing in tons of visitors from out of state. now, code dept, do your part, clean up the town. stop babysitting these slum landlords who year after year do NOT take any pride in their properties. who rent to ANYONE, especially if its GUARENTEED gov't money. the rental properties, MORE THAN 800, are killing this town. STOP THE MADNESS. create incentives for landlords to sell their properties and turn them back into single owned family homes. it would do wonders for this town. (seriously, there's a problem when the same slum lords continually, repeatedly, have repeat violations. the bottom line is it's THE LANDLORD'S prop & he IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS PROP.