Saturday, April 23, 2016

Columbia has openings for wrestling, boys' basketball, girls' basketball coaching positions

According to the school's website, Columbia has opened four head-coaching positions, including winter-season staples wrestling, boys' basketball and girls' basketball.
Under the job postings section, Columbia athletic director Jim Rhoads lists wrestling, boys' basketball, girls' basketball and bowling as open, and the district is currently accepting applications for head coaches in those sports.


  1. Consolidate the schools, let the students and parents decide which one they want to attend -Eastern, Donegal, Hempfield, etc.

    Second, get rid of the rental properties that have been an eyesore and have constant multiple issues YEAR AFTER YEAR. * TAKE AWAY THEIR LICENSE. * FINE THEM. *
    That's the ONLY way they'll ever comply (the slum lords). it's not fair, right or acceptable that taxpaying homeowners have to put up with tenants that are disrespectful, loud at all hrs of the day and night, who congregate on sidewalks blocking walking paths, who scare and intimidate the entire neighborhood, who don't care about the property or how it looks or smells and the landlord (slumlords-they know who they are) who are mostly absent and don't care who they rent to. they should WANT tenants who take pride in where they live, who will ultimately take care of the property, who will not cause problems and headaches.. this has gone on for WAY too many years. the good ole boys system is broke. Seriously, these problem properties (and there are WAY TOO many)should be the MAJOR issue code officers deal with. MAKE THE LANDLORDS be responsible, keep it clean and free of trash, make landlords take pride and care about their properties. IF THEY lived next to some of these nuts, possible drug dealers, etc i bet they'd do something about it. please stop the insanity. our hard working taxpaying homeowners deserve much more than that.

    1. Agree that the code officers should be focusing their attention on rental units. I own my property and I would love to make some repairs/upgrades but the taxes prohibit this yet is seems to code department will go after single family property owners for minor violations while landlords seem to fly under the radar. I don't want to hear how the landlords pay taxes too. They do but the difference is that I am not making money off my property, they are!

  2. Rentals are the MAJOR ONES!
    They can't put all their focus on just slum lords.
    Perhaps we need to look at the budget,, cut spending somewhere and hire code officers.
    Cut then HIRE!

  3. What does this article have to do with code enforcement. It is about renewing coaching positions.

  4. there are 3 code officers. they do NOT concentrate on the slumlord problem properties. instead they harass the homeowner, who would love to paint his home but he simply can't afford it. the taxes are soooo high

  5. Part time or full time?
    Painting does not require a permit.
    Try Ace or Frick Hardware,, both have great sales and Fricks even has OOPS Paint...
    Just saying