Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Asplundh trims trees - without mercy

 Asplundh was around town trimming trees today.

Here's an example of butchery perpetrated on a tree at Fifth and Mill.


Bob Gainer said...

They have been known to do that!!!!
Who are they trimming for?
PPL, Cable,,,,
It's ridiculous and Council needs to address it.
Yes,,, years ago, Hellam TWP contacted PPL and the BUTTERING WAS ADDRESSED

ss71monte said...

Every tree company does the cutting this way, cutting a V or L in the trees. Yes , they do butcher the trees. Most likely for PPL so the branches don't fall on power lines. Been doing this for several years all over the area.

Anonymous said...

yes the council should address this they should make EVERY property owner trim their trees i kknow they cant trim the tops but they can trim so the st sweepet can get to the crub and sweep. i know the park ranges or the tree commisiom used to do this but it is the home owners responabilty