Saturday, April 30, 2016

About Town

Columbia Plaza parking lot this morning.

 Words of wisdom

 Out for a walk

 This starling was sitting on a fence in Avenue H.

 Unafraid of the camera, he started to sing.

 He may have thought he was auditioning for American Idol.

 Afterward, he stopped and looked, as if to ask, "How'd I do, folks?"

 Yardwork at the former Cookman Church at Sixth and Chestnut

 He's been metal-detecting around town a lot lately.
Here he is in Locust Street Park.

 Hangin' with the goyles. The gargoyles, that is.
(Global Time Wizard, 500 block of Locust)

 Pit lovers assure us that it's not the breed, it's how they're raised.

 Door numbers - well, that's a start.  Now fix the rest of the building.
(North Second and Locust)

 Lined up and ready to go.  Yard waste pickup began April 4.

Delusions of grandeur

Then the king had one more question of the child: "How many seconds are there in eternity?"

And the boy replied: "In the hinterlands of Pomerania, there is a mountain made of the hardest diamond. It's one hour deep into the earth, one hour up toward the sky, one hour long and one hour wide. To this mountain comes a little bird, once every hundred years, to sharpen its beak."

"And when the bird has worn away the whole mountain, the first second of eternity will have passed."


  1. As ALWAYS, these pictures are great! It's hard for me to pick a favorite, but the bird singing is simply beautiful.