Sunday, March 13, 2016

Two-vehicle accident snarls traffic near Rt 30 & 441

A two-vehicle collision caused traffic problems on North Third Street near the westbound Columbia exit ramp of Route 30 on Saturday about 10 a.m.  The accident involved a Volvo V70 station wagon and a Ford Freestar minivan, both of which sustained front-end damage. Northbound traffic on North Third was diverted left onto Cedar Street. Two vehicle occupants suffered minor injuries but neither was hospitalized.  Emergency crews initiated spill control measures due to fluids leaking from both vehicles, which were then towed from the scene.  Airbags deployed in both vehicles.


  1. That has been nothing but problems since that went in up there always seeing an accident now

  2. With that rise coming off of the new 441 bypass, it may be wise to see if a 3-way light wouldn't be better.


  3. Shouldn't be a problem IF people actually slowed down I yellow light to STOP rather than accelerating to try and beat the red light. Think about it. Be honest about what people really do when you get a yellow light.