Monday, March 28, 2016

High winds break window, send bins sailing

High winds blew a large window pane from its frame at this building at Third and Locust this afternoon. The pane shattered on the street, sending shards over a wide area of Locust near the intersection. Fortunately, there were no reports of pedestrian injuries.

 Quick-thinking citizens leapt into action to clear the glass from the street and sidewalk.

 Another view of the offending window (far right).

 Soon, others pitched in to help clean up the shards.

 The street sweeper was called out to clear the remaining glass.

Winds also knocked over recycling bins and trash cans around town:


  1. I think it was a falling window that tore the awning at Hotel Locust. Maybe the windows in the older buildings are no longer properly sealed or caulked, causing them to be loose. This does present a danger to pedestrians.

  2. Just so the windows are RESTORED!