Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Columbia Crossing to open year-round with on-site manager and changes

The Columbia Crossing building at Columbia River Park is scheduled to open Wednesday, March 16 at 10 a.m. and remain open year-round with an on-site manager, it was announced at the March Columbia Borough Council meeting.  Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area (SGHA), a non-profit organization, will oversee operation of the building. Mark Platts, president of SGHA, said the key priorities at this point are developing facility rental policies and fee structures, organizing an advisory council of community representatives, and developing a series of programs, educational events, and a plan for permanent exhibits. A selection of 10 river art paintings will be displayed for the next two months. Platts also said that the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce will provide volunteers and an intern to help with the building's operation.

Platts introduced Hope Byers as the on-site manager of the building. Byers, who has a master's degree in history, was previously director of operations at the Amish Farm and House in Lancaster County. She also worked at Pennypacker Mills in Montgomery County. "I'm super-excited to be part of this project. I think that it's a great partnership," Byers said.

Platts laid out a three-phase plan for customizing the building's interior to provide better functionality for staff and visitors. Phase 1 includes a work-station for the manager, a storage room for tables and chairs, and meeting space. Phase 2 entails exhibit, program, and event space. The cost of each phase is estimated at $17,500 to $25,000. Phase 1 has already been funded. Phase 2 will be funded through grant opportunities. Phase 3 is "concept-only" at this point and will target the area between the two bridges.

Columbia Crossing Interior Upgrades


  1. This town has a pipe line of money going to the crossing! OOOPS, i ment tax payer money! sorrry...

  2. Someone is getting rick off this, and it is not the TAX PAYERS!!