Wednesday, March 2, 2016

About Town

Some recent photos from around town . . .

 Clever pun, abused apostrophe

 Freewheelin' three-wheelin'

 Birds of a feather hanging together
(The one on the far right appears to be the instigator.)


 Fridays 4-8, Saturdays 10-3, Sundays 10-3 

 Common merganser at River Park

 Eluding the paparazzi!

 Sidewalk seats available

 Goodies from The Flour Child

Gull Gang hangin'

 Takin' turf

 Fencing - or tobacco lath?

 Gull-spangled river

 Signs of an underground railroad?

Someone was playing the numbers.

 Invasion of the yellow pages

 ADA Accesible Pier

(Upper right)

 There's the bunny, so Easter must be right around the corner, which in this case would be Walnut Street.


 Elvis once did something similar to a TV when Robert Goulet was on.
That story is HERE.
Springsteen alludes to it HERE (at 1:32).

 A ton of tundras

 Well, not really.

 The average tundra swan weighs about 14 pounds, so it would it take about 143 to make a ton.

 Imprisoned without trial: a preview of Trump's America - or Hillary's. 
What the heck, we're there already. 
File a writ of habeas cattus!

 Finishing touches at 401 Locust

 Offspring of the infamous Japanese reptile whose relatives call him "Godz" for short...

 Yellow ribbons on Cherry

The photo doesn't show the many empty parking spaces to the right.

 It's OK if you like that one show on that one station.

SS Minnow refurbished?


  1. Fun pics! The figurines must be hiding their faces after hearing Kathleen Kane's charges this week.

    1. The systemic and institutionalized abuse is centuries-old and continues even now.

  2. Like the pictures. The piles at the mailboxes at Front and Union...I don't think any of the mailbox owners have taken any. River Park light...I've been trying to figure where the broken piece on the ground came from since I couldn't see the top of the light. Really like when you do the pictures around town...I see so much of the same.

  3. I love the sidewalk furniture,,,
    I'm bringing my damaged pieces out soon.
    Underground railroad signs,,, look in AVE J.
    401 LOCUST,,,, THANKS AGAIN TO THE Murphys.
    And birds of a feather, ,,,