Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Area contractor convicted in Superstorm Sandy case

Daniel F. Sterling, 43, with an address on Donegal Road, Columbia but using his parent's Middletown address, was convicted of charges related to the Superstorm Sandy recovery.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Railroad Safety Tips | Columbia Borough Police Department

Police are asking that you use caution around the railroad tracks.


Here's a recent video showing how fast some trains travel (at the railroad tracks near Columbia River Park):

Be careful out there.

Columbia Police raise funds for cancer research

Left to right: Megan Howell, Officer Austin Miller, Officer Amy Kuhrmann

Officers Austin Miller and Amy Kuhrmann of the Columbia Borough Police Department recently presented a check for $1,205 to American Cancer Society's "Making Strides" campaign for breast cancer research. Megan Howell, senior market manager, community engagement for the Cancer Society, accepted the check.

Officer Miller began the fundraiser in 2014 after seeing a similar campaign by the City of Seal Beach, CA Police Department. Miller sold pink department patches at $20 each to raise funds for the effort, which is currently ongoing. More patches will be ordered when the present supply is sold out. Miller will accept donations for the patches for those unable to pay the full amount.

Columbia Borough is the only police department involved in this fundraiser. Call 684-7735 for more information.

Signs of the new trail

Borough workers installed signage today to guide visitors to the Northwest River Trail.  Guests to the area have sometimes been confused about the location of the trail and have mistakenly opted for the gravel utility road along the fence at Columbia River Park or the paved road owned by Norfolk Southern that runs between the railroad tracks.

The signs, located at the River Park entrance and at Front and Walnut, direct visitors along Front Street, then under the Veterans Memorial Bridge to Bridge Street, and finally across Bridge to the beginning of the asphalt walkway running parallel to the Route 441 bypass.

Why are they taking our new guard rail?

Workers from Green Acres Contracting were cutting and removing sections of the newly installed aluminum guard rail along the new Route 441 bypass this afternoon. The pieces were hauled away as work trucks left the area at about 4 p.m.

Sunday hours, live music boost Columbia Market House


Police, fire, EMS dispatches hit highest level in 8 years in Lancaster County

Columbia among most frequently dispatched fire companies in Lancaster County in 2015:

Columbia area farm hosts pipeline rally

Monday, March 28, 2016

About Town

Recent pics from around town . . . 

 Turnstiles at the high school

 Training session at Turkey Hill Experience

On the leash

 Evidence of theft

 Market House inscription at St Peter Apartments

Now that the Columbia Water Company upgrade is complete, it's time to move this stuff off of Heritage Drive so that the road can be paved. We're going to need the space for parking, now that Columbia Crossing is open and company's coming this summer. 

 These siblings were seen on the 100 block of Walnut a few days ago.
They were a little camera-shy . . . 

 . . . but he wasn't.

 Posing for the paparazzi

 Red squirrel seen last week in Locust Street Park.

 It's those guys again.

 On the lookout


 A source tells Columbia Spy that this fence around the perimeter of Mount Bethel Cemetery will be painted by Ville Painters, Inc. in the near future at a cost of $30,000.

 Repairs at Prudhomme's

Bluebird at Columbia River Park . . .

Is it the bluebird of happiness?

Tired tires

Hi-tech hang-up?

Can you dig it?

The streets aren't exactly paved with gold, but this might be a start.
(100 block of Locust)

Crumbling date stone at Second and Locust

 Easter Grinch at Tacos to Go

 Renovations at The Arts at Hinkles.


 21 South Fourth Street

 A new flavor of Turkey Hill Iced Tea: Burnt tobacco, filtered for your enjoyment.

 Stumps in use along "stump avenue"

 Pole position


208-210 Locust on Easter Sunday . . .