Sunday, February 7, 2016

Signs of the times

Several signs for the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail were installed at the following locations around town a few weeks ago:

 300 block of Locust Street

 100 block of Locust

 First block of North Third

100 block of North Second


  1. It's all coming together now :)

  2. I hope you don't mean Columbia.This is what they said when the Turkey Hill Experience moved in. These things can lead to a vibrant town, but if we don't get rid of the high taxes businesses can't survive here.

    1. Not just businesses but those residents paying the taxes as well!

  3. Small businesses suffered the most.
    Just an opinion, and yes, I have experience.

  4. There's not many residents left who aren't tenants of slumlords. When taxes are this high slumlords are all that buy the houses & all they do is try to get every dime of income out of the house without fixing it up.

  5. boro MUST also create aN incentive for homeowners to purchase SOME OF the hundreds and hundreds (AT LEAST 800 OF WHICH IS THE PROBLEM, I'LL never UNDERSTAND how THIS ever happened!!!! THINKING SOMEONE DOESN'T KNOW THEIR JOB.) of rental properties and turn them back into SINGLE FAMILY OWNED HOMES.