Friday, February 5, 2016

How much did Columbia SD spend on superintendent search?

Year: 2016
Search firm: None. The district also didn't use a search firm when it hired Carol Powell in 2014.
Cost: $0
Selected: Not completed.


  1. Once again it doesn't matter who they hire this business will not work. The expenses far exceed the income. Look at last year's budget the property assessment in Columbia is worth less than what it was 6 years ago. Wait till the reassessment comes & I guarantee you that will drop even more dramatically since new sales prices are way lower than they used to be. This in turn can be attributed to the high taxes in this town. This is why I say higher taxes just become regressive.

  2. i other choice. just prolonging the inevitable. sorry.

  3. You wonder why this school district is broke the average teacher salary now in Cola is over $63,000 a year which doesn't include the great benefits. Plus they get a nice long summer break. Think the teachers union isn't a problem for taxpayers.

  4. consolidate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!