Monday, February 15, 2016

About Town

Pics from around town over the last little while:

 "Tired" pickup

Exactly what is the intention here?
(Laurel Hill Cemetery)

 Now it begins.

 They're still coming through at Third and Locust.

 Surveying damage at Stover's

 Miss Liberty working the corner at Fourth and Locust

 Channel 21 at River Park

 This phenomenon is known as a parhelion or "sun dog."

 Couple o' gals out for a walk with their sofa

 Time for a breather


 Even silhouettes need to stay warm.

 Big problems when the beer truck breaks down.

 Nah, forget it - it's just a Miller Lite truck.

Vandalism at Prudhomme's


  1. Trucks are still coming through because the detour sign coming off Route 30 west tells them to. I assume the detour sign was erected prior to the opening of the new Route 441 but no one ever changed the sign. When you come off Route 30 west the sign directs you to turn right to follow Route 441 south (Third Street). Case of right hand does not now what the left hand is doing.

  2. Maybe laurel hill is having a dig your own hole sale. Hopefully they get whoever damaged prudhomes. No sense in this vandalism all over town.

  3. Correction-The sign advises to turn left to follow Route 441 south.

  4. It's Time the alley along Stovers and Hinkle Pharmacy GETS ADDRESSED!
    BOTH LONG TIME BUSINESSES but the alley is like Russian Roulette